Framing Our Future
A celebration of 70 years of leadership
in integrated learning,
exploration and empathy

2022 marks the 70th Anniversary of the Japan-U.S. Fulbright exchange program.

The Fulbright Program was created in the United States based on Senator J. William Fulbright's belief that people-to-people exchanges through education are an effective means to promote world peace.

Fulbright Study abroad exchange programs between Japan and the United States began in 1952. To date, there are approximately 9,500 alumni, affectionately known as "Fulbrighters."

Fulbrighters, who are active in various fields such as education, government administration, law, business, and mass media, share together, a vision of a future based on curiosity, empathy and passion.

Framing Our Future

Senator Fulbright wrote:
"Our future is not in the stars but in our own minds and hearts. Creative leadership and liberal education, which in fact go together, are the first requirements for a hopeful future for humankind."

The Fulbright program seeks to expand the boundaries of human wisdom, empathy and perception, with education as its core.
We have come to understand that making sense of what the future may bring, is not merely a matter of joining the dots to forge a clear path ahead.
Building our strength upon these 70 years, we are encouraged to learn from our past so that we may equip ourselves with the skills to face the future.

We have a vision, we have the passion to achieve this, and we frame our future accordingly. Fulbright Japan will continue to walk with Fulbrighters together into the future, with our vision of peace to guide us.

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Number of Nobel Prize Winners

※Four Japanese Fulbrighters and two American Fulbrighters
(studied abroad in Japan)

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